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Riceville, N.C.

Design, Remodel, Addition.  


Our team took this old 50's cabin and added onto the back side, opening it up and bringing in much more light. We completely remodeled the bathroom and kitchen, added the foyer, and installed solar PV and radiant floor heat throughout. We also added a utility room which houses the mechanics for the PV array. Locust sections from the property were used as posts indoors and in the construction of the the front deck and entry way, as well as for the outdoor shower and bench, with limbs reaching down into the boulder wall it is built upon. Boulders from the property were used to build the retaining walls, and the ponds in the front of the home. By sourcing materials locally and from the property itself we were able to meet our goal of creating an addition that compliments the original construction, and feels like it belongs there on the mountainside.

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